Andy Lambert, the writer and director of The MUTE Series, is a London-based filmmaker. He explains the origins of MUTE:

"I was on a shoot for a commercial in Barcelona and the schedule got slightly jumbled up, which meant that we were going to have a free hour or so left over at the end of the last day. I had a crew, I had actors, I had props... it seemed a shame not to use them for something. Maybe I could make a short film? I just didn’t have a script.

But that was a mere detail and, using our most striking prop, a sousaphone tuba, I hastily thought of a chain of events that became a one-and-a-half minute film. Because we didn’t have a sound recordist that day I couldn't have any dialogue, and as I wasted most of the hour coming up with the idea I only had enough time to shoot one shot. In addition, the dolly grip had already been wrapped so I wasn't able to move the camera."

And that's how the three rules of The MUTE Series came about.


Big thanks to all the cast who have been in MUTE films:
Ronan Cullen, Matt Hunter, Laura June Hudson, Peter Matthews, Kate Ashcroft, Chloe Sulaj, Feodora Freienstein, Jack Pjetergjokaj, Karen Martinez, JD Kelleher, Anthony Harwood, Janet Etuk, David Alwyn, Zulekha Chaka, Angus Kennedy, Grace Carter, Tom Ashley, Dominic Brewer, Anna Chessher, Michael Higgs, Kate Bowes Renna, Colin Mace, Richard Lock, Tim Bartholomew, Tessa Gallagher, Rebekah Casey, Fabio Barbato, Ben Brookes, Jack Wright, Zadoc Nava, Conrad Martinez-Lambert, Sean Carney, Ava Martinez-Lambert, Glenn Tillin, Andrew Clifford, Kiki Kendrick, Ben Slotover, Felix Lozano, Jamie Tyler, Xavi Roqueta, the pallbearers from J.B.Shakespeare Ltd,

Big thanks to all the crew who have worked on MUTE films:
Mabel Hooper, Oliver Curtis BSC, Carol Hart, Conrad Martinez-Lambert, Karen Martinez, Phil Barnes, Sorcha O’Sullivan, Zadoc Nava, Mitra Tabrizian, James Woodmass, Ava Martinez-Lambert, Alex Katz, Susan Chedgey, Jana Nouskova, Rana Darwish, Jack Wright, Ben Brookes, Bev Toby, Hilda Sealy, Bongsu Park, Nanu Segal

Special Thanks:
Absolute Post – Leigh Warner, Felipe Szulc, Simon Holden, Belinda Grew, Matt Turner

Kate & Lou Casting – Kate Evans, Ro, Oli Parsons

Mark Murrell of 76 Ltd.

Riposte Pictures
Karen Martinez

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© Andy Lambert